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Q and A with Nick Fong: Discover his latest insights

As the leader in Baja real estate along with property management throughout the area, Ronival Real Estate and Property Management really understands the market well.  That means, Nick Fong, the founder and broker of Ronival Real Estate, is excited to answer questions about real estate, real estate agent training, and anything related to Cabo in Baja California Sur.

So if you’re seeking some great information about real estate in Los Cabos and other great cities in Baja California Sur, you’ve come to the right place!  Read on to learn more.

See your available financing options in Los Cabos

In this informative episode of Q and A with Nick Fong, uncover what financing options are available in Los Cabos and Baja California Sur.  Being the founder and broker of Ronival Real Estate, the number-one real estate brokerage in all of Mexico, Nick Fong has quite a wealth of knowledge and experience to share about real estate in Baja California Sur.

In short, Ronival Real Estate offers financing in partnership with Global Mortgage.  So, if you’re from Canada, the United States or another country and buying real estate in Baja California Sur, there’s an amazing financing option available.

From as little as 35 to 40 percent down, Global Mortgage offers some impressive options.  On top of that, they offer typical loan terms, so you’ll know what to expect.  So from 15, 20, and 25 year mortgages to competitive interest rates, Global Mortgage provides a great pathway to home ownership in Baja California Sur without having to pay in full.

Now check out the video to learn even more.

What is the closing time and purchase process in Baja Sur for foreigners?

Welcome to this recent episode episode of Nick Fong’s Q and A.  As part of this video series, Nick Fong, the founder and broker of Ronival Real Estate presents how long it takes to purchase a property in the real estate market of Baja California Sur.  Being a leader in both real estate and property management in Cabo and all of Baja California Sur, Nick Fong truly understands the market.

To answer the simple question of how long it takes, Nick states that it takes 60 to 90 days to close a sale in Baja Sur.  If you’re a foreigner, like from the United States, Canada, or any other country, it takes a little longer for two reasons.  To begin, you need to set up a fideicomiso or Mexican corporation. Now, read more to learn the details.

Requirements to buy Cabo San Lucas real estate

There are just a few requirements to follow when you purchase Baja Sur real estate.  And, it isn’t complicated.  Your Ronival real-estate agent in Baja Sur will help you through the entire process.  So, don’t be vexed!  Your attention should lie in finding the right Baja Sur real estate that fits all your needs and desires.

The requirements list:

  1. Provide your Passport from the country that you come from.
  2. Attain a Mexican Tourist Visa (min. requirement) or a Temporary Residency Visa.
  3. Purchase a fideicomiso, which is a bank trust, held by a Mexican bank in your name.

A Mexican bank will then hold the trust deed for you.  And, you’ll become the beneficiary and retain full ownership of that Cabo San Lucas real estate.

That’s all there is to it!

Baja California Sur real estate

Many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries choose to make Los Cabos and other magical towns in Baja California Sur, Mexico, their home or vacation home.  Discover how to purchase your dream home in Baja.  Make an appointment with the top Real Estate Broker in Baja: Nick Fong, featured on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

Since 2010, Ronival has been helping clients find the best homes in Cabo and throughout Baja California Sur. And, they’re highly-skilled negotiators that’ll get you the best price. Whether you plan to buy a property or quickly sell your Baja real estate, they’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to take a tour of a property in Cabo or anywhere else in Baja California Sur, just click CONTACT to inquire.  Or, call directly at 619-831-2000.  Ronival will be happy to answer your questions.  You can also schedule a time to show you around this breathtaking location.

Ronival on YouTube

See Nick Fong in action on his Ronival YouTube Channel.  Find his videos on the Rovival VLOG, where you can read a short, yet in-depth post.  Below is an example of one of Nick Fong’s Ronival videos:

Thank you for reading Q and A with Nick Fong: Discover his latest insights.  Be sure to read other posts about Cabo and Baja California Sur on the Ronival blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Baja California Sur, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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