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Discover East Cape properties in Los Barrilles from The Nick Fong PODCAST

In this latest episode of The Nick Fong PODCAST, Nick Fong presents the unique and delighting point of interest throughout Baja California Sur.  As the broker and founder of Ronival Real Estate, Nick Fong now runs Mexico’s number-one real estate brokerage.  This week, Nick presents his two real estate experts in Los Barrilles of East Cape, Dede Bacon and Emma Nicholson.

For those who are interested in the ideal place for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts and are attracted to the quiet life where you’ll find a strong sense of community and helping others, Los Barrilles within the East Cape area is Baja California Sur’s best place to live.  Situated north east of Los Cabos, Los Barrilles will truly amaze you.  Read on to uncover the details about this inviting area.  Then, learn about the real estate opportunities Dede and Emma can help you with.

Uncover why Dede and Emma love Los Barrilles

After you watch the video, you’ll understand exactly why both Dede and Emma fell in love with Los Barrilles.  As you’ll see, they fell in love with the area the moment they stepped foot there.  Dede first discovered the Pacific side, north of Cabo, for wind surfing.  But once she cut across the Baja Peninsula to the east side, she discovered Los Barrilles and fell in love at first sight.  Emma on the other hand came to Los Barrilles quickly after deciding to live in Baja California Sur since she had fallen in love with the area immediately.

Being known for kite boarding, Dede changed her outdoor passion from wind surfing to kite boarding after arriving in Los Barrilles.  In the video, both Dede and Emma tell Nick about their experience with kite boarding while living there.  Then, Dede tells Nick that she was just out kite boarding yesterday.  She’s quite an outdoor enthusiast at hear, As you can see.

The story behind Dede Bacon and Emma Nicholson

At the start of the video, Emma Nicholson tells Nick that she’s from England, as you can tell by her English accent.  As she tells Nick, she’s now lived in Los Barrilles for 10 years now.  Back then, they went there from England for a visit and never went back.  First they rented, but then they bought their first place there and never looked back.  After that, Emma decided to venture into real estate in the area.

Next up in the interview, Dede Bacon tells Nick that she’s been in Los Barrilles for quite a long time too.  She says that her first trip there was back in 1994 and she fell in love with the community right away.  Having previous real estate experience in Lake Tahoe, she decided to buy real estate quickly after deciding to stay in Los Barrilles.  It all started by purchasing a nice lot.  Now, she lives there full time, selling real estate there for 12 years so far.

Los Cabos’ Los Barriles in East Cape

There are few places along the Sea of Cortez are as rich in animal and plant life as Los Barriles in East Cape.  To begin, one of the abundant species is the whale shark.  This is a harmless fish the size of a whale – thus its name.  And unlike its feared relatives, it only eats algae and tiny animals.  Interestingly, its mouth measures up to one meter.  And, it has no teeth as it filters its food through its gills – filter feeder.

As you’ll see, East Cape is quite a hidden gem in the Cabo region.  It’s now becoming a popular place for big game anglers as this area started as a fishing community.  Therefore, now big fishing tournaments take place offshore and bring many people looking for calm waters to enjoy.  Besides fishing, you can also find the Cabo Pulmo sanctuary, which is a must-see for snorkelers and divers.  Last but most importantly, famous beaches and communities are nestled in the incredible landscape that conjugates East Cape as a whole.

As part of Los Barriles, the fleet of boats that are include yachts and fishing vessels that are fully equipped with experienced captains that will take you to the best places to catch great fish.  Los Barriles is also de home of the Brown pelican, a marine bird that mainly eats sardines that are captured on the water’s surface.  They eat well due to the wonderful density of its shoals.

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Baja California Sur real estate

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Thank you for reading Discover East Cape properties in Los Barrilles from The Nick Fong PODCAST.  Be sure to read other posts about Cabo and Baja California Sur on the Ronival blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Baja California Sur, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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