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Building a community in Cabo and Baja California Sur with Nick Fong

In today’s episode, Nick Fong of Ronival Real Estate meets with two very special guests for this important conversation.  Modu, an active participant in helping others in Baja and his natal country, Senegal and Korey Riggs, from the Los Cabos Children Foundation, talk together about the meaning of making community.  And, they share an important connection between Baja and Senegal.

It is now the time to give back to the community in Baja California Sur.  Therefore, this latest episode of The Nick Fong Podcast is about how to help Baja Sur together through the work of private foundations, volunteering, or donating.  As they did during the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to help as a unified community once again.  Therefore, read onto learn more about this amazing effort…

Meet Korey Riggs from the Los Cabos Children Foundation

In the video, Korey talks with Nick Fong about how he is seeing a wonderful recovery lately, during the pandemic.  Recently, he visited Arizona where he noticed that face masks are no longer mandatory.  He states how it’s a nice relief to see waiters and waitresses take orders in restaurants without masks.  Lastly, he was able to see people’s faces and communicate normally with them. Kory Riggs talks about his previous experiences with Modu, both in Baja California Sur, and in Senegal.  Recently, Korey had joined Modu on a trip there regarding community efforts and ways to tie them together both in both locations.  He mentions just how famous Modu really is.  When in Senegal, it seemed like everyone knew Modu there, just like in Cabo.

Introducing Modu from Senegal

Modu hosts monthly events in the area and at his various locations that keep the community active.  He really knows how to keep Baja fit.  From moonlight yoga to roof-top spinning, Modu provides many creative ways to keep fit in Baja.  Modu says “these events are like a party, but in a healthy way.” As you’ll discover, Modu’s other gyms located in Baja are also quite impressive.  To elaborate, He has created custom gyms for Diamante and Las Ventanas resorts in Cabo.  Read below to briefly learn about these great resorts in Cabo. While Nick Fong is providing great development opportunities all around Cabo, Modu would like to work with Nick to provide great gyms within these amazing communities.  And regardless of the size of the development, Modu provides very effective gyms for residents to use, right on site.

Now visit Cabo during COVID-19 safely

Lately, visitors report that after landing at the Los Cabos International Airport, they have felt very safe everywhere they go.  As an example, during your shuttle ride to town, drivers wear a face mask and they offer you hand sanitizer before entering.  Additionally, visitors mention that their accommodations are always very clean.  On top of that, they mentioned that all of the restaurants they’ve visited were very clean and safe – they take everyone’s temperature as they enter the establishment along with providing hand sanitizer.  Now, even at the beaches, temperatures are taken as people enter the area.

Now in Cabo, you have the ability to eat outside.  This has made both residents and visitors feel safe in Cabo. They have been able to eat out on the patio of restaurants in the open air.  Of course, the air inside is just fine, but there’s nothing quite like the fresh Cabo ocean air outside.  Also, there are all of the other health accommodations provided by Cabo restaurants and the waiters, which make you feel very safe too Please visit Los Cabos Children’s Foundation here… Be sure to listen to this episode on Apple Podcast For Spotify

Baja California Sur real estate

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Thank you for reading Building a community in Cabo and Baja California Sur with Nick Fong.  Be sure to read other posts about Cabo and Baja California Sur on the Ronival blog. There, learn about the many wonderful aspects of Baja California Sur, Mexico, from blog posts like this.

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